Local Youth Pianists Compete in ECPTA Piano Festival


ECPTA Festival 2016 - Technique Winners - Kirsten Beagley, McKinlie Sharp, Aubrie Sharp

Piano students from Carbon and Emery counties participated in the annual ECPTA piano festival held on March 5 at USU Eastern.

Students are adjudicated in performance, sight reading, technique, ear training and theory.  The following students received recognition for outstanding performances:

Performance (K-3) Winner: Allison Johansen, runners-up: Kinlee Payne and McKinlie Sharp

Performance (4-6) Winners: Aubrie Sharp, runners-up: Abigail Johansen and Danielle Ori

Performance (7-8) Winner: Kaylie Sharp, runners-up: Sydney Stilson and Connor Cramer

Performance (9-10) Winner: Bridger Ivy,  runners-up: Addy Taylor, Jessa Holyoak

Performance (11-12) Winners: Vivian Baker, runners-up: Vanessa Snow and Taigon Pulli

Technique Charts 1-3, A-C Winner: Kiersten Beagley. Honorable Mention: Matthew Seely, Trevor Gunderson and Kinlee Payne. Charts D-F Winners: McKinlie Sharp. Honorable mention: Walker Woolsey, Spencer Holyoak, Brynne Uri and Lauren Bone.

Charts G and above winners: Aubrie Sharp. Honorable mention: Bridger Ivie, Britlie Sharp and TJ Lacock.

Sightreading: winners: Sydney Stilson and Tyler Lacock. Honorable mention: Vivian Baker, Walker Woolsey, Jannika Beagley and Jacob Erickson.

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