EHS Choir Says Goodbye


Emery high choir students participated in their final choir concert Wednesday at the EHS auditorium in Castle Dale.

Spectators were treated to Mia Doria’s performance of her Solo and Ensemble piece. Doria’s solo was the only solo from the State competition that received a straight superior rating.

Chamber Choir members performed their state solo and ensemble piece as well. They also received straight superior ratings.

Choral director David Bird spent the night congratulating his choirs for their excellence this year. He reminded the audience that all of the 18 pieces that tried out for region solo and ensemble got superior ratings, which qualified most of them for state.

Bird congratulated many of his top students for their accomplishments and said good-bye to his senior students.

Bird also thanked pianist Merilee Cox as well as guest pianists Angela Pulli and Mia Doria.

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