EHS Sterling Scholars Host Blood Drive


Sterling Scholars from Emery High School partnered with the American Red Cross to host a blood drive Wednesday.

Emery High students with permission slips made up a large contingent of the donators.

First time donator and EHS senior Whitney Withers shared some thoughts about her experience.

“It was fun, and I am glad that I could help,” Withers said. “The guy who took my blood told me that he had never had to dig for a vein as much as he did for mine. I didn’t get sick at all, but I did see a few people pass out or get close.”

The semiannual event was open to anyone wishing to donate blood.

Sterling Scholars were able to add the event to their portfolios for the upcoming regional competition.

EHS Sterling Scholars include: Caleb Woolsey, Josh Knighton, Ashley Stilson, Adrienne Carter, Shailee Stokes, Whitney Roper, Polson DeMott, Savanah Duran, Olivia Burton, Marqui Moss, Jolynn Jennings, and Camie Whittle.

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