EHS Students Help Paralyzed Opponent


The Emery High School student body planned a series of fundraising activities to raise funds for the paralyzed South Summit football player who was injured while competing against the Spartans.

“He led with his head and, when it hit, it broke parts of his spinal cord,” said Emery High Principal Larry Davis. “There was immediate response. An ambulance was at the scene and they got him off to a hospital really quickly.”

Emery High’s Student Council started collecting donations on Wednesday night at the choral concert and continued at other events throughout the week.

Fundraising efforts will culminate in a “Faculty Humiliation” assembly Tuesday. Faculty members volunteered to subject themselves to embarrassing situations like head shaving, and students will donate money to decide whether the faculty member must undergo the embarrassment at the assembly.

Students hoped to raise $1000 over the two-day period. All proceeds would be sent to the player’s family to help cover medical bills.

Reports indicated the player was slowly recovering. He was able to feed himself by the end of last week, but he hadn’t regained any feeling in his lower body when this story was written.

Contact Emery High School at 381-2689 for information on making donations.


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