Election 2014 Results Trickling In


The polls have closed and results are trickling in as precincts throughout Carbon and Emery counties report the number of votes for each race.

Currently, there are several close contests in Carbon County, including both commission races. To follow these results, please click the following link: https://electionresults.utah.gov/elections/county/carbon.

To follow Emery County results, please click the following link: https://electionresults.utah.gov/elections/county/emery.

All results are preliminary at this time. Provisional and absentee ballots may continue to trickle in and will be counted before final results are released. These results will be available Nov. 18 and the outcome of closely contested races may change once these votes have been counted.

Preliminary election results, however, will be posted here as they become available and once all voting precincts have reported results.

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