2017 Carbon and Emery County Unofficial Election Results


*Unofficial results

In the race for U.S. House District 3 Representative, John Curtis wins the vote in both counties, gathering 1655 (47.50%) votes in Carbon County and 944 votes in Emery County. Curtis garnered 57.6% of the votes throughout the state of Utah, earning the U.S. House Seat in Utah.

In the race for Price City Mayor, Michael Kourianos gathered the most votes at 966 (62.52%) over opponent Rick Adams, who brought in 579 votes (37.48%).

Price City Council’s race for two open positions was a close contest between Amy Knott-Jesperson, who gathered 726 votes (27.08%), and Joe Christman, who ended the evening defeated by only one vote, with 725 votes (27.04%) in his favor. Incumbent Terry Willis will remain on the council with the most votes of the evening, ringing in at 760 votes (28.35%) while candidate Jesse Sloan brought in 470 votes (17.53%).

Scofield’s Mayor position goes to Mike Erkkila (22 votes, 78.57%) over Ron Richmond (6, 21.43%). The two city council positions in Scofield go to Scott Deem and Barbara Leek, who each brought in 18 votes (33.96%) over opponents Paul Helsten (7,13.21%) and Scott Holoman (10,18.87%).

Lenise Peterman will be the new mayor in Helper City, taking 340 votes (67.46%) over incumbent Ed Chavez at 164 votes (32.54%).

Helper’s city council will welcome two newcomers, Malarie Matsuda, who garnered 315 votes (33.05%), and Donna Archuleta, who brought in 246 votes (25.81%). Candidate Gary Harwood came in with 204 votes (21.41%) and Tim Riley garnered 188 votes (19.73%).

Joan Powell will remain Mayor of Wellington City with 142 votes (55.25%). Running unopposed, Kirt Tatton will remain on the Wellington City Council.

East Carbon will welcome a new mayor in Harry Goslin, Jr., who won the race with 254 votes (68.46%) while incumbent Douglas Parsons had 117 votes (31.54%).

In the race for East Carbon City Council, Larry Wood with 216 votes (30.13%) and Donald McCarty with 198 votes (27.63%) were the victors over opponents Karla Young, who had 173 votes (24.13%), and Philip Holt with 130 votes (18.13%).

Voters also turned out in Emery County to cast their vote. Running unopposed for Ferron City Mayor, Adele Justice had 255 votes. Ferron City Council winners are Kern Behling (207) and Wendy Price (173).  Their opponents were Hollie Smith (78) and Ryan Winn (53).

Lamar Guymon, who ran unopposed, will be Huntington City’s Mayor, gathering 332 votes. In the race for Huntington City Council, Kelly Oveson (224) and Gloria Wilson (188) will take the positions over opponents Mark Justice (159)  and Clark Ungerman (180).

Unopposed, Elmo Town’s Mayor will be Randy Winn, who had 66 votes. Elmo Town’s Council’s open positions go to Stony Jensen (45) and write-in Bert Reed (38). Their opponents, write-in Ella Ekker and Kristine Laws, each saw 23 votes.

Write-in Gary Petty takes the position of Emery Town Mayor with 43 votes. His opponents were Dennis Stringham with 30 votes and Amy Kristen Sundstrum with 36 votes. Emery Town Council will see Brenden Jones (96) and Laura Nelson (49) sitting in the open seats, beating out opponents Matt Jensen (11) and Alyscia Atwood (45).

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