Elmo Announces Town Celebrations and Activities


By Julie Johansen

An Elmo Town resident voiced her concern about the concrete work on city sidewalks as the Elmo Town Council Meeting began on Wednesday evening. She wondered if the concrete crew would return to back-fill in her yard next to the sidewalk. She also questioned the integrity of the concrete in the sidewalks. The mayor responded that he would look into the situation and remarked that they did have a lot to do in the six-month timeframe given to the crew to complete the assignment.

Next, Carli O’Neil reported on the annual Elmo Horse and Buggy Days celebration. She stated that following the pandemic restraints last year, 2021 would be back to the traditional celebration on Aug. 12, 13 and 14. She asked the council to make grand marshal recommendations, considering residents who have lived in town and contributed to the community. During this discussion, it was reported that the Emery County Commissioners have cancelled the 2021 county fair and would be contributing to the Cowboys Memorial Rodeo and the Carbon Emery Livestock Show as well as city celebrations.

It was also announced during the meeting that the council has received two applications for an employed assistant for the town. Interviews will be conducted on Tuesday, April 13 at 6 p.m.

The animal control officer then reported that a problem dog is still in the animal shelter and may have to become a rescue dog as the owner has moved and a large fine is pending.

Next, the city recorder asked each council member to read the pages she prepared to study the open public meetings training and print off the certificate and file at the town office. She also gave each members a copy of the last year’s budget for study so that changes could be made before the June budget adoption.

Much discussion was given to decide what to write in the city’s resolution on economic development and the Dinosaur Quarry road with the plans presented to them by the county commissioners. It was decided to write a resolution and review it at next month’s meeting. The city will also adopt a interlocal agreement with Emery County for municipal elections this fall.

Council member Lori Brady recently met with the town beautification committee. She reported several activities and improvements found to be necessary by the committee. The most important item included preparations for Memorial Day, specifically the cleanup of the cemetery on both the west and east side. The committee plans to place some donated flags at the entrance and would also like to continue with the flags on Main Street.

Brady reported that the town cleanup days are slated for May 15 through May 31. She has also done research on the planned pickleball courts to be placed on the tennis courts. The committee also felt good about the recent Easter egg hunt and wants to repeat it again next year.

To conclude, Brady reported that Castle Dale City has given them their old ice skating rink and wondered about getting it ready for next winter. The beautification committee would also like to enforce their ordinance to remove old vehicles from the town streets. In conclusion, a request for weed spraying was given to the council.

The final announcement during the meeting was that an open house for the newly-remodeled Elmo Town Hall and fire station will be hosted on Friday, May 14.

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