Elmo City Council Seeks Members


Elmo City Council members encouraged citizens to fill open council seats and the City’s Mayoral position at the council meeting Wednesday.

Dallen Skelley, one of the few business owners in town, received interim councilman status for the rest of the year. Skelley also plans to run for the two-year seat during the next election.

Applications for spots on the election ballot are due at town hall by Friday. Anyone who doesn’t submit an application would be forced to run as a write-in candidate.


  • The City is seeking an Animal Control Officer.
  • The Council accepted a petition for a second, large dumpster because the existing one was constantly full. A motion to acquire the second dumpster was approved.
  • The Council also accepted a petition to place stop signs on 100 North because citizens were worried about the mixture of playing children and fast-moving traffic. A motion to place stop sign at the location passed.


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