Elmo Council Ready For the Year Ahead


By Kristi Maxwell

Mayor Casey Lofley and fire chief/councilman Stoney Jensen were sworn in for another term on the Elmo Town Council on Wednesday.

With council seats being updated, the Elmo council is ready for the year ahead. They continued the meeting by discussing routine business matters.

Elmo Town agreed to adopt a resolution with the Castle Valley Special Service District to increase the monthly culinary water overage rate for outside district users.

The council discussed enforcement of building permits. The county and building inspectors are not overly concerned with building without permits, unless a new home is being built. Elmo Town will have to be the enforcers. The council agreed that any building attached to a home or over 120 sq. ft. should have a permit.

Elmo clerk Delena Fish talked about the lease of town property on approximately 55 West Elmo Road. A notice will be posted on the property to alert residents so that bids can be placed.

Jensen suggested the possibility of creating an emergency response team in Elmo. It would involve finding volunteers who would be taught how to respond to community needs in cases of an emergency. Classes for the emergency response team would last for 9-10 weeks.

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