Elmo Town Council ‘Just Needs the Building Cleaned!’


At their meeting on Wednesday, the Elmo Town Council reported that they are still looking for someone to take over cleaning their Town Hall. And, they are considering upping the ante considerably to get someone to do it.

In addition to regular pay for the work, the Town will excuse the person’s water bills while they are doing the job. The Council is also considering giving the person the cleaning fee from building rentals as part of their pay because they are the one doing the cleaning.

“We just need the building cleaned regularly, even just once a week,” said Councilmen Brent Hadfield.

Members of the Council reported that they have been cleaning the Town Hall recently, and they do not have the time to do it anymore.

Councilman Hadfield said he would finish cleaning it for the rest of December. However, the Council hopes to have someone take over the cleaning of the city building by the beginning of January.

The issue was initially addressed during the Council’s meeting on Nov. 3, when they also discussed damagesВ  from activities held in the building, and the need to possibly increase the cleaning costs in their rental agreement to cover those damages.

The Council continued that discussion in Wednesday’s meeting, considering making the public pay $75 rather than $25. The motion passed.

The Council encouraged input from community members on the cleaning of the building or the increase in fees. Further decisions will be made at the next meeting.

If anyone is interested in cleaning the building the Council encouraged contacting them as soon as possible.

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