Elmo Town Council Keeps Busy at Meeting


The first action to come before the Elmo Town Council on Wednesday was presented by its animal control officer. She was instructed that dogs not on owners property and without a license should be impounded.

Instructions for town employees consisted of obtaining bids for fertilizer, cleaning up around city dumpsters, and trimming large trees at the baseball fields.

Councilman Brent Hadfield discussed improvements by the city dumpsters. It was decided that a 60 feet by 60 feet piece of concrete could be poured with the $5,000 in the budget.

Councilman Seth Allred explained the situation with the county recreation department’s lack of funds so the recreation board is no longer active.

Councilwoman Kristine Laws reported of lights out and a water fountain that needed to be repaired.  She also had spoken to the Horse and Buggy Days chair and reported that plans are being made for the celebration.

Mayor Casey Lofley discussed with Councilman Stoney Jensen the situation with the EMT’s in the county. Emery County wants input from each city and town on three possible solutions: limiting hours to 100 each month, create a special service district and each community will take care of its own.

Town Clerk Deleana Fish presented past due water bills for the council’s consideration. The decision was made to give a one week warning for the individuals to make the bills current before any other action  will be taken. An overage charge of $26.00 on a water leak was forgiven by a majority vote of the council.

A concerned citizen discussed the fences around the cemetery, asking the city to keep the fences in good repair to keep his cattle out of the cemetery. The council agreed but also informed him that it is his responsibility to fence his cattle in.

Another citizen is concerned about the garbage blowing into his yard from the city dumpsters.

Mayor Lofley reported that work on sidewalks in the town will begin soon.

Open meeting training material was distributed to each council member. It was discussed and studied by each member as well.

Students from Emery High School requested a donation to help with a graduation night party. This was tabled until next month’s meeting.

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