Embankment Work at Millsite Continues, Concrete Work Still on Hold


By Julie Johansen

The embankment work at Millsite has risen nearly 10 feet in the past 30 days. This includes the five zones of material and the compaction of the sand and gravel being deposited by the shouldering machine. Compaction tests are being administered to make sure it is completed correctly.

The toe of the dam is almost level to the top of the berm. When this level is reached, then only three levels of material will be needed. Rip-rap of 9” to 12” rock is being placed on the downstream side of the dam as it is completed.

The concrete on the spillway is still on hold awaiting the design of phase two approval from State Dam Safety and the Natural Resources Conservation Service. Meanwhile, the flip bucket on the end of the spillway is being completed. The bridge for Millsite Golf Course has been delivered and is also waiting for concrete work to continue before it can be installed.

Outlet works are now completed except for just a few cleanup items and all meters are working, monitoring the flow of water leaving the reservoir. The water in the reservoir is still nearly 10 feet higher than at its lowest point when it was drained last year to begin work. Irrigation water will cease toward the end of September.

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