Emergency Management Director Thanks Community for Response Following Flood Disasters


Carbon County Emergency Management Director Jason Llewelyn took some time at a recent commission meeting to extend thanks and gratitude to the many volunteers following this year’s flooding.

“I would like to recognize a lot of people,” Llewelyn began. “There’s been some devastating happenings this year with our natural disasters we have had and through those, I’ve seen some really outstanding behavior from our citizens.”

Llewelyn explained that when citizens were affected by the floods this year, many put their time and lives on the line for people they didn’t know. Not only were emergency crews on the front lines, but so were friends and neighbors.

“They didn’t think twice about jumping into it,” he said.

Llewelyn also emphasized that team effort from Carbon County Commissioners was crucial to responding to the crisis that swept through the county. Commissioners worked countless hours to clean homes and get Carbon County back on its feet following the disasters.

“I can’t help but be proud of Carbon County,” Commissioner John Jones stated. “We got hit multiple times, as you know, and it was amazing to see the people come out and volunteer. I was so proud of our citizens who stood up. It truly was a great experience even though it was devastating.”

Llewelyn concluded by thanking citizens for their trust in him as the county’s emergency management director and being able to assist citizens in a time of need.

“I appreciate being able to work for the county and to have your trust as your emergency manager,” he said. “I tried to bail you out with what little help I could do.”

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