Emergency Management System County Wide Plan Presented to Emery Town Council


Jim Gordon, manager of Emery County Emergency Management System, addressed the Emery Town Council Wednesday evening at its regularly scheduled council meeting.

Gordon informed the council that because of the Affordable Care Act, Emery County could no longer handle the payroll for EMTs. This is because the law states if there are over 50 employees in a company, the company must provide insurance for all employees.

The EMTs will become employees of the cities. The cities will pay them for “on-call” and “on-run” hours. The cities will also pay the monthly supervisor fee. There will be a supervisor in each garage in Huntington, Castle Dale, Ferron, Emery and Green River.  The cities will then bill the county for reimbursement.

The county will still be responsible for all vehicle and equipment maintenance. A contract between the cities and Emery County will be signed outlining the details of the agreement. The council agreed to these conditions.

Discussion about a recreation board member was tabled until a decision about the future of the Emery County Recreation Board is made. Other councilmen assignments will remain the same for the coming year.

The decision was made that the annual Emery Town celebration will be on July 22-23.

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