Emery and Carbon Animal Health Offering Discounts for Spay and Neuter Month


The staff at Emery and Carbon Animal Health has been busy during the month of March with discounted spay and neuter procedures.

Emery and Carbon Animal Health are offering huge savings this month on spay and neuter procedures in an attempt to get the cat population in Carbon and Emery counties under control. What started out as simple savings turned into a growing campaign when other parts of the community jumped on the chance to help Emery and Carbon Animal Health with their goal to downsize cat and dog litters this month.

Vouchers for free spays and neuters are available for feral cats for those that qualify. There is a required 24-48 hour notice before an appointment to apply for the vouchers. Live traps are also available at either office to gather feral cats.

In addition, a whopping 50% off on all domesticated cats and 30% off on all dogs is being offered for those that wish to spay or neuter their four-legged family members this month. Anyone that schedules a spay or neuter in the month of March will receive the discounts.

The discounts are made possible by generous donations from Castleview Hospital, Castleview Urgent Care and Castleview Surgical Associates, who provided medical supplies.

A partnership with Best Friends Utah also makes these discounts a reality while the local IFA store donated the live traps for feral animal.

“Let’s work together to get our cat populations under control,” Emery and Carbon Animal Health shared. “Don’t litter! Spay or neuter your critter.”

Emery and Carbon Animal Health have made a goal this year to offer monthly savings on various treatments, so keep an eye out each month to find your own savings.

Emery Animal Health may be contacted for questions or to schedule an appointment at (435) 381-2539. Carbon Animal Health may subsequently be contacted at (435) 637-8387. Hurry because appointments are filling up fast.

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