Emery and Carbon Battle to a Tie in Swim Meet Wednesday


Emery hosted the Carbon swim team on Wednesday afternoon. Carbon and Emery tied with team scores of 153 each. Payson and Wasatch Academy also had a few swimmers participate. Payson finished with 18 points and Wastach posted 10.

“It was a very exciting meet, both teams did well,” remarked Emery swim coach Tammy Oliverson.

Carbon girls won the head-to-head competition with 91 points and Emery finished with 54. Emery was on top in the boy’s contest with 99 over Carbon’s 62.

In the girl’s events, Emery took first and third in the 200 medley with Carbon finishing in second and third. In the 200 free, Carbon swept the top three spots with Emery finishing fourth and fifth. Payson grabbed the top in the 200 IM with Carbon in second and Emery taking third.

In the 50 free, the finish was Wasatch Academy, Emery and Carbon for the fastest three swimmers. Emery topped Carbon in the 100 butterfly. Carbon took the top three spots in the 100 free with Emery in fourth. Carbon beat Emery in the 500 free.

The Lady Dinos took first and third in the 200 free relay with Emery posting a second and fourth finish. Emery edged out Payson and Carbon in the 100 back. They also grabbed the top spot in the 100 breast with Wasatch taking second and Carbon finishing third. Carbon grabbed the top two spots in the girl’s 400 relay with Emery taking third.

For the boys, the Spartans finished first and second in the 200 Medley relay. They also finished first and second in the 200 free with the Dinos taking third and fourth. Carbon took the top spot in the 200 IM with Emery finishing second and third.

It was Emery in the top tow for both the 50 free and the 100 butterfly with Carbon ending third and fourth in those events.

Dinos took first in the 100 free with the Spartans taking the next three spots. Emery also finished first and second in the 500 with Payson taking third and Carbon grabbing fourth. Carbon outtouched Emery in the 200 free. They also won the 100 back with Emery finishing second and the Dinos taking third. It was the same order of finish for the 100 breast with the Dinos in first and third and Emery grabbing the second spot.

The Spartans added icing to their win for the boys with their 400 relay teams taking first and third. Carbon placed second and fourth in that event.


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