Emery and Carbon Cross Country Teams Run at Region


Photo courtesy of Tellise Allen

Emery and Carbon high cross country teams both participated in region meets at North Sevier and Canyon View High School, respectively, on Tuesdat.

The Emery High School boy’s cross country team placed first overall at the region meet with the help of five top-ten finishers including Chase Christiansen coming in third, McKay Meccariello taking sixth, Ty Funk in seventh, Tanyon Allred in eighth and McKoy Christiansen in ninth. Other participants for the boy’s team included Daryl Guymon, Wyatt Cox, Lane Taylor, Jake Jensen, Walker Woolsey, Lance Chynoweth, Nathan Urie, Travis Fehlberg, Parker Stilson and Malone Moss.

The Emery girl’s team boasted Erin Hurst as the second-place finisher as well as participants Tarryn Parkins, Riata Christiansen, Belle Bowers and Lexy Cox.

The boy’s team will represent Emery High School at the state meet and Hurst will represent the girl’s team explained the girl’s team head coach Kristy Guymon. “Every single one of them gave it their all,” Guymon expressed.

The Carbon High boy’s cross country team took third overall and will be advancing to state, explained coach Tellise Allen. Among the finishers were Trey Richardson, Drew Jones, Paul Bryner, Kaden Kranandonk, Anthony Jones, Logan Engar and Kyle Quinton.

The Carbon girl’s team also took third overall and will be participating in the state tournament. Carbon hosted Emily Broadbear in third place and Sara Ohwiller in 10th. Other participants included Emma Haddock, Sadie Crompton, Zaharah Rossi and Jordyn Oman.

Carbon JV Teams also participated and represented Carbon well according to Allen.

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