Emery and Carbon High Students Participate in Keys to Success Program, Tanner Petersen Takes Home a New Car *Photo Gallery*


On Monday, students at Emery High participated in the Keys to Success program while Carbon High students were treated to the same event on Tuesday morning.

The program motivates and rewards students for setting and meeting goals. When they completed their goal or improved academically, the students earned a key card.

Fifty students at each school who earned a key card were randomly selected as a finalist for an assembly prize giveaway and a chance to win an iPad and a brand new car.

Five students out of the 50 were selected as finalists from each school. The final five students then selected an envelope with a key inside. The student with the correct key to open a lock box won an iPad with an accessory pack and a chance to win a brand new Chevy Spark from Tony Basso GM.

The winners from Emery and Carbon high schools competed in a final jeopardy at Tony Basso GM to determine the winner of a four-door Chevy Spark hatchback. To win final jeopardy, the students were asked questions about their school mascot, teachers, sports, histories and clubs.

Emery High student Tanner Petersen, a senior and current debate president, had the correct key and won the iPad and a chance to compete in the jeopardy round at Tony Basso GM to win Chevy Spark.

Kaylee Hoyt of Carbon High met or beat her grade goal to earn her way into the Keys for Success competition. Hoyt picked the winning key at the assembly and won an iPad and a chance to win the car on Tuesday afternoon.

Petersen and Hoyt met at Tony Basso GM on Tuesday afternoon to compete for the car. Both girls played “School Jeopardy” to earn the chance to choose one of the two keys that would start the car. After ten questions each, Petersen came out ahead, earning the chance to draw a key from an envelope and settle into the driver’s set.

Petersen got in, turned the key and the car started, making her the winner of the 2014 Keys to Success program for Carbon and Emery high schools. She is now an owner of a Chevy Spark and was able to take the car home that day, free of charge.

The Keys to Success program was made possible by the following sponsors: Tony Basso GM, Emery Telcom, Gateway Lanes, Main Street Express, King Koal/Price Theater, Taco Time, Main Street Grill, KSLL and KUSA.

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