Emery Caring for Kids Needs Assistance


Stock photo courtesy of Emery Caring for Kids

Emery Caring for Kids is in need of assistance to create enough kits for fall break, which is during the week of Oct. 18.

There is a need for 35 kits and those that are interested in helping may visit the organization’s Facebook page and comment on the fall break post. Those that are assisting need to have their kits turned in by Monday.

“Thanks again for all love and support to keep this amazing program going,” the organization shared.

Each kit should contain one box of instant oatmeal, a four-pack of fruit cups or applesauce, one box of breakfast bars, one jar of peanut butter, one jar of jelly or jam, and one loaf of bread.

There should also be six dinners such as mac and cheese, ramen noodles, Chef Boyardee foods, tuna kits, cup of noodles and the like. Also needed in each kit are ten individual snacks.

Emery Caring for Kids is requesting that all items are bagged and dropped off at Magnuson Lumber by Oct. 18. The kits will then be distributed to the students on Oct. 20.

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