Emery Caring for Kids Requests Donations for New School Year


Emery Caring for Kids stock photo

Emery Caring for Kids is back in action for the school year, marking the organization’s fourth year supplying needed food to youth in the area.

“We are so thankful to be able to help the amazing kids in our community,” the organization shared.

With the message of returning for a new year, Emery Caring for Kids also supplied a list of needed items for students, emphasizing that cereal is an item that they are in short supply of to start the year.

Other needed items are macaroni and cheese (individual microwaveable portions), Chef Boyardee meals (also individual portions or the pop top cans), and tuna and crackers in the individual boxes. Also needed are Ramen noodles, Cup O’ Noodles, microwaveable or pop-top canned soup, and chili in the pop-top cans.

Fruit and applesauce in individual cups, breakfast bars, dry cereal and oatmeal in individual packets are also listed, alongside granola bars, crackers in individual packs, fruit snacks, individual packs of cookies, beef jerky and chips, or any snacks, as long as they are individually portioned.

Those that wish to donate to the organization may contact Emery Caring of Kids via its Facebook page.

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