Emery Commissioners Busy With County Business


By Julie Johansen

Chris Wood with the Utah Division of Wildlife presented a check in the amount of $2,610.71 to the Emery County Commissioners during their meeting on Tuesday. This check was a Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) for the 5,492 acres of land in Emery County owned by the department.

This land is used as wildlife habitats in several areas of Emery County. Wood concluded by expressing his appreciation for the partnership and cooperation between Emery County and the Utah Division of Wildlife.

Conea Black, representing Green River City, then introduced the city’s new manager, Tyler Hunt, to the commissioners. Black has been with Green River City for 24 years and is retiring. Hunt is a lifetime resident of Green River and will be working to accomplish the revitalization projects planned for the city. The plan has four phases of development.

Next, a request was made for an interlocal agreement with Emery County to use the Utah Department on Transportation grant for the city. The industrial park on the west side of Green River has School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration land that will be exchanged with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) as designated by the Dingell Act, requiring the agreement.

David Jelin, Commander of the American Legion Post 3, District 5 and Area 3, then gave a presentation to the commissioners. He requested that they be instrumental in letting Emery County veterans know about the VA Clinic in Price. He also asked that they encourage enrollment in resources available to veterans.

The Alex Worwood family from Ferron next spoke to the commission to request a donation for the Southeastern Utah Junior Livestock Show. The children spoke about the importance of the show in their lives and the lives of their peers. The commission gave them the same monetary donation as last year, which was $3,500, and assured them of the importance of the show.

Next, a pay increase of $1.50 per hour for basic and advanced EMT’s during day shift and on call time, excluding Green River, was denied with a unanimous vote. Approval was given to a five-year lease between Emery County and Adult Probation and Parole with the Utah Department of Corrections. Also, a renewal of the right-of-way for access to the Green River South Gravel Pit road with the BLM was approved. A lease extension with United Fleet Services to extend the current lease of six vehicles used by the sheriff department was approved as well.

Officer Riley then addressed the commissioners, requesting approval for a participation addendum to the State of Utah contract for the purpose of adding an additional 911 station to the county sheriff’s dispatch center. His request was approved.

Cory Worwood, Emery County Weed and Mosquito Department lead, also requested approval for an amendment giving an extra $12,000 to the mitigation of the Russian Olive removal grant. He also was given acceptance of an Memorandum of Understanding between the BLM and Emery County Weed and Mosquito Department.

Mary Huntington, Emery County Personnel Representative, asked for the approval of awarding the State of Utah Department of Public Safety grant in the amount of $25,000. This is to provide the required mental health services.

The Hypno Hick agreement for the 2023 County Fair also received approval. He will do two presentations, including one on Friday and another on Saturday. This year’s fair will be on July 28 and 29.

An amendment on the contract with H&H Roofing and Emery County for the Emery Library was approved, with the stipulation that materials be paid directly to the supplier. Signing of the settlement agreement and release with regards to the Utah Opioid Litigation upon recommendation of the lawyers was granted.

A resolution authorizing the commission chair to sign mutual inducement agreements with the SCS Energy, Wellington Microtech and Blue Sky Energy and related matters was also approved. This is to help with retrieving funding from the original Oakland Port Funds that were never used and are still available. The funds could be used for the infrastructure to start these industries.

To conclude, a contract for services between CIS Professional Land Surveying and Emery County for the preparation of legal descriptions for Class D Roads throughout Emery County about 151 sections crossing Utah Trust Lands was given approval.

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