Emery Commissioners Receive Utah Energy Pioneer Award


By Julie Johansen

In support of Governor Spencer Cox’s One Utah Roadmap initiative, the Economic Summit, Energy Summit, Global Forum and Utah’s Rural Summit combined to create a bi-annual super-summit called the One Utah Summit. In this summit, Utah’s brightest and best government and business leaders gather to discuss Utah’s economic development trends and topics.

The summit takes place once every six months, alternating between northern and southern Utah. The 2022 northern Utah summit was held on Tuesday in Salt Lake City. The summit has a long standing tradition of honoring individuals and companies that make a significant contributions to Utah’s economic opportunities, local communities and industries.

On Tuesday, the Emery County Commissioners received the Utah Energy Pioneer: Community award at the summit. As the award was presented, the comments included the following commendations. “The Emery County Commission stands as a shining example of what public service really is. These commissioners are dedicated to those they represent and have a vision for stabilizing Emery County’s energy communities, not for their own good, but for the good of their constituents.”

“For years, the backbone of Emery’s energy economy has been the two power plants, Hunter and Huntington. While these employ a significant number of residents, the commissioners know there is far more the region has to offer,” the presentation continued. “One of the commission’s noteworthy projects is the San Rafael Energy Research Center (SRERC). Because of the commissioners’ hard work and commitment, the SRERC is on track to be a national leader in medical isotope production, molten salt technology and nuclear energy.”

After being noted as the Community Energy Leader of the Year, Emery County Commissioners Lynn Sitterud, Gil Conover and Kent Wilson accepted the award. Commission Chair Sitterud stated how much the award meant to them because of their hard work to get this going and off the ground to become the energy hub of Utah.

They have worked to find different ways to better Utah and the western United States. He added, “It can enable us to find ways to protect the environment as we produce energy.”

He thanked the State of Utah, Governor’s Office and the Community Impact Board. The great support from the State of Utah means a lot to Emery County, Sitterud concluded.

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