Emery County and Green River Justice Court Precincts Combined at Emery Commission


Tuesday morning’s Emery County Commission meeting, in which commissioners discussed upcoming considerations in the county, was hosted in Green River.

An approval to combine the Emery County Justice Court first precinct (Castle Dale) and second precinct (Green River) was made. In 1992, the precincts were split because the county had two judges. With just one judge now, Judge Steven Stream would like to put it back to one.

It was explained that nothing will change in the county regarding justice courts. One thing that will change is courts will be required to convene once instead of twice a month. When people are incarcerated and go to court, they can choose where they want to go.

An approval was also made for all full-time county employees to have insurance for the Guardian Flight helicopter located at Castleview Hospital and other various locations that have Guardian Flight helicopters. With a low cost of $30 per year, all full-time county employees have the opportunity to be part of the Guardian Flight insurance. Also, all part-time employees can purchase this same insurance through a payroll deduction for the same price. This insurance can be a great thing for county employees to have, especially if one were to have a serious injury and need life flight. Employees’ spouses, children or other family members can use this insurance.

The approval to use Emery Medical Center for the annual wellness clinic for Emery County employees was approved. This will be a two-day clinic in Emery County and there will also be one located in Green River. County employees have the opportunity to have a blood draw, body mass check, blood pressure test, eye checkup and more. The medical staff will send the blood draw results away for testing. A doctor appointment will then be made for the out-of-sync patient should the blood work come back with any abnormalities. Also, employee’s children and spouses are able to participate in this clinic. Any employee who participates in the full check-up process will receive four hours of additional vacation time. This program has helped employees find issues they didn’t know about.

Commissioners took into consideration V right of-way-grants on BLM roads UTU-54689 road number 920, UTU-54731 Buckhorn Wash Realignment road number 332 and UTU-54690 Hidden Wash road number 401. Commissioners have reviewed this grant and everything should work accordingly upon this request. This consideration was approved.

The license agreement between Emery County and United States of America to utilize lands at the Huntington North Reservoir for a public recreation trail has been extended. This project will continue moving forward to make the deadline by the end of this month.

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