Emery County Applies to Enter Green Phase


Last week, Kane County was the first county in the state of Utah to enter the new normal phase, also known as the green phase, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The remainder of the counties throughout the state remain in the moderate, or orange, phase.

During the Emery County Commission meeting on Tuesday, commissioner Kent Wilson announced that the county applied on Monday for the county move to the green phase. If the application to move to the new normal phase is accepted, restrictions would be loosened. Larger numbers of gatherings would be allowed, though state guidelines recommend following social distancing when possible and continuing to limit crowds. Face masks would also be encouraged when possible.

“The reality is, for those that are older, it is going to be our responsibility to wear the masks and do social distancing to protect ourselves,” Wilson said, stating that those that are older or immune compromised should take extra care to protect their health.

The state of Utah shared the following on social guidelines in the green phase:

As restrictions are lifted in the new normal phase, the likelihood of COVID-19 spread is increased. Because of this, the following are strongly encouraged for all individuals:

  • General public follows current federal and local public health precautions
  • Symptomatic individuals should not attend social gatherings
  • Hygiene measures, physical distancing, face coverings, and symptom monitoring are encouraged for all group gatherings

For businesses, this would mean a return almost to normal but with an enhanced hygiene and cleaning regimen. Monitoring health of employees and customers would also be encouraged to slow the spread of the virus.

As of Wednesday evening, Kane County remains the only county in the state that has been granted permission to enter the green phase.

For more information on the new normal phase, please click here. 

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