Emery County Archives Seeks Community Involvement


ETV News stock photo by Julie Johansen

Emery County Archives Press Release

Emery County Archives has a large amount of records stored and we are looking to increase the histories of our area.

One patron commented, “Who would have believed while searching for an item I found my grandfather’s trunk when he served in Denmark on his mission in 1913. Among other items, I found his missionary diary, which to me was like finding buried treasures. To read in his own words his experiences was a gift I wasn’t expecting.”

We are restarting the “blog” with a very interesting piece about Art Acord, who was a famous silent Western star from Emery County. John Wayne once commented, “He was the toughest son of a b—– I ever saw.” More articles are being researched for preservation and your interest.

Did you know the creation of Emery County included Carbon and Grand? Our archives include a large collection for towns, mines, businesses and irrigation companies for that time when they filed their incorporation papers in Emery County. Consequently, there is a lot of history yet to be compiled of the original boundaries.

Our goal is to get YOU involved by helping in gathering and preserving the rich history of our area. We are all one in living and enjoying our way of life here. Our history is the heart and soul of keeping our custom and culture alive.

For more information on the Emery County Archives, please contact Suzanne Anderson at (435) 381-3563 or suzannea@emery.utah.gov

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