Emery County Business Chamber Luncheon


The Emery County Chamber Luncheon was hosted Wednesday at the Museum of the San Rafael in Castle Dale.

Drew LeRoy spoke about his work experience from his first job of milking cows in Cleveland to building and running Food Ranch.

LeRoy said Food Ranch’s focus is on their fresh meat, fruits and vegetables. Food Ranch also provides a full breakfast, lunch and dinner deli, which is open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. The deli also offers Piccadilly Pizza and take-and-bake pizza.

LeRoy said Food Ranch brought the first raised doughnuts to Emery County. He also said his sister made up his top selling doughnut, the Butterfinger doughnut.

Food Ranch offers full gas, diesel, and propane

LeRoy guessed that his grocery store is the only one in the world that offers racquetball.

Candide Lopez was the concluding speaker, and she spoke about her experience with customer service. Advice she gave to the chamber included:


  • 60% of Entrepreneurs the United States are holding their company from growing because of customer service problems.
  • Don’t be casual.
  • Never have a bad day.
  • Don’t be late to open, and don’t close early.
  • Always be respectful.
  • A difference in attitude decides whether your customer comes back.
  • Always be professional.
  • Strive for excellence.
  • Be trustable, so your customers will trust you and your employees.
  • A company’s weakest link is your weakest employee.
  • Make your company thrive not just survive.
  • Do the same thing every time.
  • Be in a state of continuous improvement.
  • Say what you do and do what you say.
  • Set the bar high, have good expectations of your employees.
  • Company’s won’t strive is they’re stagnant.
  • Be excellent not acceptable.
  • “If you’re not willing to grow your company. Why is it there?”
  • What’s your succession plan where will your company be? Who will take over if you’re gone?


These are meant to help business owners improve their businesses.

There will be more meetings like this in the future.

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