Emery County Care and Rehab Resident of the Month: Claud Bell


By Emery County Care and Rehabilitation

The Emery County Care and Rehabilitation Resident of the Month for March is Claud Bell.

Claud Bell was born in Orangeville. He has three brothers and a sister. Claud lived in many different places such as Salt Lake City, Wellington, Helper, Moab and  Wyoming, but the majority of his life was spent in Orangeville.

Claud worked in construction and coal mining. His work took him to China and Canada. He married his wife Janet in April 1952. Together, they have two girls and four boys.

His hobbies and likes are gardening, hunting, camping and fishing in the Columbia River. Claud does not like casseroles. Claud loves to visit with family and friends, especially his lifelong friend LaVoy Hardy.

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