Emery County Care and Rehab Resident of the Month: John Ward


By Emery County Care and Rehabilitation

The Emery County Care and Rehabilitation resident of the month for February is John Ward.

John was born June 1935 in Clymer, PA. He has six brothers and one sister. John and his siblings lived on the family farm. He graduated from high school in Rain Township, PA and worked as a coal miner. John was interested in art and took a home study course.

John met his wife Velma while attending school in Grand Township. Velma was 12 years old and John was 14. They married Aug. 7, 1959. They have two daughters, Shari and Jenny.

The Ward family then moved to Ferron in 1980. He worked as a beltman in Deer Creek Mine before retiring in 1994.

John’s hobbies are playing his guitar, art work, fishing and raising a “big” garden. John and Velma were married for 58.5 years until she passed on Dec. 31, 2017. Their daughter Shari and her family are living in Ferron.

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