Emery County Care and Rehab Resident of the Month: SallyJean (Ward) Walls


The Emery County Care and Rehabilitation Resident of the Month for July is SallyJean (Ward) Wells. The following was written by her family.

SallyJean was born in Indiana County, Pennsylvania on July 22, 1944 to William Carl Ward Sr. and Sarah Emily (Long) Ward. SallyJean (all one name; she has no middle name) had six brothers and two sisters, but both sisters died as infants. As one can imagine, being the only girl, little SallyJean was spoiled. There has never been a time in her life that she could not count on one of her older brothers to be there for protection or guidance if/when she should need it, and her loyalty to them was the same.

SallyJean grew up in Clymer, PA until she got into high school, at which time her parents moved the family to a farm in rural Pennsylvania. This was a shock to her because she was used to being a “town girl” and it took some getting used to because she did not like being that far away from her friends or the shops in town. It was there, while attending high school, that she met this “really handsome” farm boy, our dad, Lester Walls Sr. She knew when she saw him that he was the man for her.

Mom and Dad were married on April 8, 1961 and they had three sons, Lester, Edward and Wesley, and one daughter, Juanita. Mom and Dad worked hard on the farm and instilled a strong work ethic within each of us. As kids, we always knew mom was there for us and throughout the 35 years they were together, they always found the silver lining around the dark clouds or a door opened when a window closed. The hardest part for both of them was moving to Utah. They didn’t like the thought of leaving family, friends and the home they had built there, but they both knew it was for the best.

Mom’s hobbies are cooking, reading and listening to classic country music with Johnny Cash and Gene Watson being her favorite artists. Mom used to perform with the Country Rovers band in Emery County. She loved being with the people and singing for them. Mom’s favorite food is prime rib and she loves the colors blue and red. My brothers and I are happy that she is enjoying her stay at the center and she loves the staff who help take care of her. Like always, she’s making new friends wherever she goes.

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