Emery County Care and Rehabilitation Center Honored as Ferron Business of the Month


By Julie Johansen

Ferron City honored Emery County Care and Rehabilitation Center as June’s Business of the Month during the monthly city council meeting. Mayor Adele Justice read a statement submitted by the center.

“At Emery Care and Rehabilitation, our mission is to inspire and empower our residents and staff to reach their full potential. We offer an environment that elevates and enhances individual lives while promoting a home atmosphere. The care center has been serving Carbon and Emery counties since 1968.”

The statement continued with an announcement, “The Emery County Care Center is changing its name to San Rafael Health and Rehabilitation. The purpose is to try to reach out to more than Emery County; we want to be able to serve the entire region of Southeastern Utah.”

Mayor Justice expressed her appreciation for the care center being in Ferron and being valuable to the Ferron residents. Quintin Hansen was present at the meeting to receive the recognition. He said they are hoping to be able to welcome the community back into the building as soon as the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

Next, it was announced that Ferron City has received a Community Development Block Grant for the restrooms at the fairgrounds. However, the bids have all been considerably above the amount of the grant. The grant was for $153,000 with the city adding $50,000. The grant has to be used within one year. Councilman Troy Winter made a motion to reject all three bids; this motion passed unanimously.

A public hearing was next opened to consider the adoption of the budgets for the 2021-22 fiscal year. The total budget of $854,550 is much higher than usual due to some grants are being carried over. A projected deficit of $23,000 for the golf course is included, though at the present time it has a profit of $12,000. There were no comments and, after the hearing was closed, resolutions were approved to adopt the budget.

The mayor then complimented the citizens of Ferron for their efforts to conserve water. The water usage was dropped from 32 acre feet a week prior to 21 acre feet. The council agreed with her that there was no need to change restrictions.

Emily Nelson from the Emergency Preparedness Fair requested that Ferron City partner with the fair by having emergency vehicles on display and also by donating prizes for the Dutch oven cook-off for both youth and adults. All council members approved this action.

Mayor Justice then requested consideration of a short-term rental ordinance and suggested they could review Castle Dale’s ordinance. A resolution allowing an annexation petition submitted by Daniel and Samantha Kinder was next accepted.

During the mayor and council reports, it was decided that the horse races and mud bog for Peach Days require too much water, so they will be cancelled. A suggestion for a baseball game between North and South was given.

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