Emery County Citizens Recognized for Exemplary Actions


Employees of the Emery County Sheriff’s Office (ECSO) gathered on Feb. 16 to honor two Emery County citizens for exemplary actions.

In August of 2022, ECSO Deputy Dallon Cologie was dispatched to a suspicious person situation near Ghost Road in Castle Dale. Upon arrival, it was discovered that the individual in question was highly intoxicated. He also had a full extradition warrant for his arrest out of Texas.

The deputy informed the suspect that he was being placed under arrest for the warrant and the man attempted to flee. A physical struggle was the result of the flee attempt, witnessed by Eley, who came to the aid of Deputy Cologie. The ECSO explained that Eley assisted in getting the intoxicated individual into handcuffs, speaking with the man to attempt to deescalate the situation.

“Her assistance lessened the threat of serious personal injury to Deputy Cologie and was instrumental in the arrest of the suspect,” the ECSO shared.

However, another physical struggle began as the deputy was leading the suspect to his patrol vehicle. Taylor was passing at the time and stopped to lend help. Together, the deputy and Taylor were able to get the man into the vehicle, preventing any further use of force.

Awards were presented to Eley and Taylor as the ECSO explained that the action of the duo was beyond that which is normally expected of a citizens, and deserved special recognition.

“The Emery County Sheriff’s Office is forever grateful for these services that Mrs. Eley and Mr. Taylor provided to Deputy Cologie that day,” stated Sgt. AJ O’Neil. “There is a high probability that without their help, the suspect or Deputy Cologie could have been seriously injured.”

Emery County Sheriff Tyson Huntington thanked all the citizens that have stepped up to the plate to protect law enforcement officers, victim and themselves.

“You have helped deputies in many ways, such as calling 911, providing tips, assisting at accidents and helping your communities during disasters. You are truly force multipliers and we would not be any good at this job without your support,” said Sheriff Huntington.

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