Emery County Commission Business is Brief


By Julie Johansen

The Emery County Commission meeting on Tuesday afternoon was quick and efficient. To kick things off, the consent agenda was approved before the ratification of two discussion items was requested by Desiree Malley for the county libraries. A maintenance agreement contract with Juan Gutierrez for the Green River Library grounds and an extension amendment to the Digital Facelift Grant were granted by the commissioners.

An amendment to the contract between Emery County and Johansen and Tuttle Engineering for professional services on the Emery County Monsoon and Flood Project was then approved. This was in the amount of $149,500 and provided for an extension.

A resolution and a contract with Judge Jon R. Carpenter approved the appointment of Judge Carpenter as a temporary judge to fill the vacancy left by Judge Steven Stream upon his retirement on July 1. Judge Carpenter is currently working as a Justice Court Judge for municipalities and Carbon County.

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