Emery County Commission Discusses Changes in Personnel Policies and Procedures


The Emery County Commission Meeting on Tuesday was spent largely in discussion of a new personnel policies and procedures manual that is being created for the county. Scott Crook, an employment lawyer who has been helping with this reorganization and rewriting of the manual, was there to answer questions.

Among some of the changes that will be implemented will be new designations for employees. Most county employees are currently occupational, meaning they have a high amount of job security. This new manual will change many current positions to at-will positions, meaning employees will be easier to let go, should the need arise.

Another change that that commissioners will enact is a change in the benefits policy for elected officials. Currently, elected officials who have held office for eight years or more qualify for benefits after leaving office. Commissioners discussed altering the amount of time required to receive benefits to better match the required time of other county employees. As the commissioners commented, this “golden parachute” needs to be removed.

A representative from the Emery County Aquatic Center was also in attendance at the meeting to seek approval for changes in the fee schedule. Their request was granted, meaning there will be new prices at the pool in the near future. The two approved actions were a pass allowing for lap swimmers, aquasizers and rock climbers seeking showers to have ten passes for $25. Also to be added in the near future will be Monday evening family nights where everyone will be able to get into the pool for $2 per person.

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