Emery County Commission Discusses New Project For Cleveland Library


At Tuesday’s Emery County Commission meeting, Skip McDonnell represented his company Electrical Consultants, Inc.

McDonnell explained what ECI does and how ECI can benefit Emery County. The company contracts with businesses state-wide and in other industries such as mining. ECI conducts surveys, right-of-way work and environmental work. The company employs both civil and electrical engineers. Currently, it is working in a number of areas throughout the state.

The Cleveland Library parking lot project and approval of liquidated damage assessment was discussed. The project began September 1. It is projected to be finished on October 19. A proposal has been made to add a sprinkler system and sod to the rear of the library.

Considerations and approvals were made for establishing a procedure to mandate Emery County employees to use direct deposit for payroll purposes because of complications with paper checks. Direct deposit is easier and encounters fewer errors.

“It is more a way of doing business through technology,” commented attorney Mike Olsen.

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