Emery County Commission Grants Tourism Improvements


Public comments at the Emery County Commission meeting on Tuesday came from Mark H. Williams as he reported on the Dark Sky designation at Goblin Valley. He reported that a large group of families came to look through telescopes following the dinner and presentation at the park. He also requested that the county road department take a look at the north Temple Mountain road.

Cody Draper passed out publications from Utah.com that included articles on a Super 6 out of Green River and  Castle Valley Communities. He stated that this media publication reaches 250,000 people and  is owned by Deseret Management Corporation. This will be used to help promote tourism in Emery County. 

Approval was granted to update the Eligibility Federal Surplus Property that will give the road department the opportunity to purchase from this program. Commissioners also approved the CIB  county priority list.

Discussion continued on the funding for the Nielsen House lodging property in Ferron. This will be done through the Tourism Incentives Program. This should help improve amenities available to tourists and economic advances to the county. Approval was granted. Approval was also granted for a hotel recruiting RFP to help with the increasing tourism needs.

A couple of property tax parcels were considered to be prorated. One was granted because a building was removed from the property and another is under consideration until next month’s meeting. Castle Valley Archeology Society was granted a fee waiver for use of the Museum of the San Rafael. The County landfill will begin to advertise a pile of scrap metal for sale. It must be removed from the landfill.

The county library has modified the rental policy of newly purchased Kindles. The Kindles can be rented from any library in the county not just your town of residence; but if returned to the book drop a fee of $25 will be charged.  

A budget meeting has been scheduled for Oct. 19 from 9 a.m. until noon. An agreement with Emery County School District to lease a building for the Robotics Program was approved and Beer Tax Funds for fiscal year 2016 were ratified.

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