Emery County Commission Honors Chyanne Carter as Employee of the Month, Keeps Busy with Full Agenda


Cheyanne Carter recognized as employee of the month

After approving a consent agenda at a recent Emery County Commission meeting, Chyanne Carter was presented with an award as employee of the month. Carter has been employed at the Emery County Aquatic Center for three years. She recently graduated from Emery High School and was a captain of the state champion Emery Swim team.

The Weed Board of the Year award was presented to Emery County Weed and Mosquito by Cory Worwood. The Emery County Board has been exploring new paths in weed removal, which has served as an example to other counties.

The Huntington State Park Trail System was also discussed. The first phase has been completed, preparing the way for the next phase to begin. With approval of usage of the Rokon Trail machine and a contract with Johansen and Tuttle Engineering, the second phase will soon be underway. Plans include the possibility of hiring employees of the BLM and Forest Service to aid with personnel, operators and maintenance. Also approved in the meeting were 2015 certified tax rates and Castle Valley Special Service District funds for Emery County.

Changes in local systems were also approved by the commission. Local libraries received approval to change from the Dewey Decimal system to the BISAC system. The BISAC system is the system commonly used in bookstores, which groups books by category. Changes were also approved to bring the dispatch positions at the Emery County Sheriff’s Office into Public Safety Retirement. This change will require more training for dispatchers, but will also allow them to count their time as a dispatcher toward retirement.

In closing, commissioner Brady spoke of the importance of bringing in money from outside the county. Commissioner Migliori reminded those with beehives to check with Weed and Mosquito. As they begin spraying for mosquitoes, those who do not report their beehives may be affected.

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