Emery County Commission Honors Employee of the Month, Makes Plans for Flood Prevention


The Emery County Commission presented the Employee of the Month award to Teresa Manzanares on Tuesday.

From Washington State originally, Teresa now lives in Ferron and works as a paralegal for the county attorney. “When we need something done, we call Teresa,” commissioner Ethan Migliori said.

A discussion was also held regarding the hazards of the flooding of Cottonwood Creek. Merrill Johansen and Howard Tuttle of Johansen & Tuttle Engineering presented options to prevent future flood damage. With this summer being the third year in which floods have occurred, citizens in Orangeville and Castle Dale are seeking the county’s assistance to alleviate the problem. Devin LeRoy spoke of the already $3,000 he has had to spend to make up for flood damage on the foundation of the home he is building.

Of the viable options, a dyke to protect the homes and property near the creek was deemed the most sensible. The commission opted to create a committee to research the idea further. The committee will be made up of a commissioner, a representative from Johansen & Tuttle Engineering, and a few of the landowners who have been affected by the floods.

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