Emery County Commission Revisits Floods


Tuesday’s Emery County Commission meeting began with a visit from a class of 4-H students. As part of the cookie decorating class, students brought plates of cookies to thank commissioners for their support of the 4-H program.

The main topic of discussion at the meeting was the floods that have caused damage throughout Orangeville and Castle Dale. Tracy Barker, who lives just outside of Orangeville, shared pictures of the flood damage her property has received. She simply wanted to “inform the commissioners of the damage that’s being done by the floods.”

Barker also brought to the attention of the commission issues regarding the roads around the river, using a road near her home as an example. Wayde Nielsen, Emery County road supervisor, was present at the meeting and said he had checked the road she referred to and found it in stable condition for now but can see how continued flooding may cause problems in the future. While no decision was made, the county is looking into options to deal with the flooding, including the possibility of a flood tax to provide funds that would be used to help prevent or fix flood damage.

To conclude the meeting, the public was invited to bring its opinions of changes in the Utah gas tax. A tax is being proposed that will be adopted county by county. It will most likely appear on the ballot next year. Anyone who has researched the tax or has any thoughts is invited to come to the commission and share their opinion.

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