Emery County Commission Tackles Full Agenda


By Julie Johansen

The first item on the agenda at Tuesday’s Emery County Commission meeting was to ratify the retainer of agreement with Smith Hartvigsen to advise and represent the Emery County Career Service Council.

Also, approval of assurances relating to the real property acquisition for the Cottonwood Creek Water Treatment plant and the Barker residence in connection with the installation of project measures will include financial assistance from the Natural Resources Conservation  Service (NRCS). A right-of-way easement across county property to accommodate a pipeline from Deer Creek Mine to Huntington Power Plant was also approved.

The county also plans to digitize cemetery records and submit them to the Utah State Historical burials database. This can be accomplished by a grant for $2,800 that was awarded to the county. A cooperative agreement between the Forest Service, State Lands, and Emery County Weed and Mosquito Department was also approved. This grant was for $12,000, and $5,000 will be used in Green River. 

An application for a fly over the Museum of the San Rafael on Veteran’s Day was approved. This fly over will be conducted by Hill Air Force Base. The board of equalization closure and changes for 2016 were approved as well.

Emery County was approached by resident Mark H. Williams asking that the county tourism and travel board manage the ATV Jamboree Event, which was granted. This event is held annually and discussion considered increasing it to twice a year.

Tax credit abatements were granted for veterans, the blind and homeowners. Approval was also given for members of the travel board to ride in the county van to conferences and board meetings. Mary Huntington and commissioner Keith Brady will be representatives to vote at the UCIP annual meeting.   

A public hearing for the inclusion of the Huntington Creek watershed in the General Plan will be advertised and conducted at the next commission meeting.

Commissioners’ reports began as commissioner Ethan Migliori announced the chamber luncheon on Wednesday, at which Steven Gentry will speak about bouldering. He also was appreciative of the firefighters that have been fighting the Fly Canyon Fire. He was also grateful for the work of the NRCS, and to Wayne Urie for the Huntington Creek Watershed Resource Management Plan.

Commissioner Paul Cowley reminded all about the Working Ranch Horse state gathering at the Blue Sage Arena on Saturday. He also told about a USU Master Gardening Conference on October 30 and a water summit on October 25 in Provo at the UVU Conference Center.

Commissioner Brady complimented the Peach Days and Melon Days activities. He told of the Wings and Wheels to be held at the airport and the San Rafael Bike Festival. Both the activities are on Saturday. He also announced that there will be an aerospace breakfast at Emery High on October 4 at 8 a.m. Following breakfast and presentations, sight visits will be looking for potential manufacturing plant sites. Breakfast is free and the public is invited.

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