Emery County Commissioners Approve Agreements and Requests


By Julie Johansen

Young exhibitors and board members from the Southeastern Utah Jr. Livestock Show (SEUJLS) visited the Emery County Commission meeting on Tuesday afternoon. They were requesting financial support for the 2022 show to be hosted in July in Ferron. The youngsters spoke of their love for the show and the importance it plays in their lives and the lives of their families and peers. The commissioners granted their request but asked that the funds they provide be used for residents of Emery County.

Following this, the annual operating and financial plan between Emery County and the USDA Forest Service for patrols on forest lands was renewed. The acceptance of the Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC) grant was also approved by the commissioners. This is a matching grant that is paid for with salaries from Captain Kyle Ekker, Janalee Luke and the county’s IT department. It makes it possible to apply for disaster funds when needed. The fleet lease agreement for six sheriff office vehicles and one commissioner vehicle with Unified Fleet Services for 2022 was also approved.

The Build Back Better Program Grant, including letters of commitment for matching funds, was also approved. These matching funds will be gained from incoming School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration funds as well as solar funds. These funds will be used for the San Rafael Research Center and makes expansion possible without jeopardizing any of the general fund money from the county taxpayers. The commissioners expressed that this is exciting news as it will bring new businesses and jobs to Emery County.

To conclude, Emery County Attorney Mike Olsen recommended signing a Memorandum of Understanding with one Utah opioid settlement. All counties within Utah, with the exception of Grand and San Juan counties, have joined. This does not mean an agreement on anything but just moving incrementally forward and reserving the right to be involved. Along with Olsen, attorneys King and Mason asked for execution of agreements.

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