Emery County Commissioners Award First “Employee of the Month” Award


With new Commissioner Ethan Migliori settled in, new programs have been implemented including the “Employee of the Month” award.

“I want to recognize the employees of Emery County,” said Commissioner Migliori at Tuesday’s meeting.

First to be recognized with the prestigious honor for his 31 years of service, and total dedication to the residents of Emery County was Dennis Fuller.

“He cares for all the employees, and whether it’s a leaky pipe or a bat infestation Dennis has got it covered,” continued Migliori.

The award will now be given out to an outstanding County employee at the first commission meeting of each month.

“We look forward to that presentation every month,” said Commissioner Jeff Horrocks.

Fuller was awarded a plaque and “Emery County Bucks”, to be spent at participating county locations.

Other notes from Tuesday’s Commission meeting:

1. COL. Robert Dunton approached the commission regarding training of Utah National Guard members that will take place in parts of Emery and Carbon County.

The training is scheduled for June 1-June 18, and will simulate hostile occupied territory. An open house for more information on thisВ trainingВ will be at the Price Armory on April 2, 2013 from 6-8:00p.m. Look for more information regardingВ thisВ training tomorrow on ETV10NEWS.com

2.Ken Brown with the Western Counties ALliance expressed the need to extend the PILT program. PILT funding is received by 49 of the 50 states, and also mentioned the Nation’s proposed plans to raise annual grazing fees by one dollar. “When you are broke you look for any source of revenue to bail yourself out,” said Brown.

3.Emery County Volunteer Committee has a new website with a communityВ calendarВ open for all. visit emerycountyvolunteercenter.org to list your events and find out what is happening in the community.Also the committee requested $250 for their “Silver Bowl Award” Banquet which will be held in September. The commission approved.

4.Dennis Worwood explained a project to remove Russian Olives, requesting a Class B designation to assist with funding.

5. A Public Hearing was held for Four CornersВ BehavioralВ Health which must be held annually in each county they serve to address the needs of each area. They stressed the center’s need to help those who mayВ sufferВ from mental illness and addictions. They offerВ counseling, therapy, and treatment options which are available to all with or without insurance. Services are available to all who are in need.

6. $1,280 was approved to fix Emery County Jail Sewer issues.

The next Emery County Commission Meeting will be on February 26, 2013 at 9a.m.

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