Emery County Commissioners Carry On Under Unusual Conditions


ETV News stock photo.

By Julie Johansen

Meeting under unusual conditions via the internet on Tuesday, the Emery County Commissioners opened a public hearing to receive input from the public with respect to the issuance of the Castle Valley Special Service District (CVSSD) bond in the amount of $1,000,000. These funds will be used to pay for facilities with regards to sewer, water, streets, sidewalks and drainage projects in all the eight cities covered under the district.

Jacob Sharp, Manager of the CVSSD, was the only one to make a comment during the hearing. He explained that the bond had been approved in the election last November. There were no other comments, so the hearing was closed. Once back to the regular meeting, the commission approved the resolution allowing the issuance of the bond.

The commissioners then ratified the COVID-19 leave policy for employees. They explained that the county has been following the federal and state guidelines. They also announced that if anyone had any questions regarding the policy, there should contact Mary Huntington, the Emery County Personnel Director.

Next, a business license for Kevin Martinez with Solution Wall Systems, LLC was approved following the Emery County Land Use Committee’s suggestion. This company has contracted to do the stucco work on the Holiday Inn in Green River.

It was then announced that the 2021 CIB (Community Impact Board) priority list was amended to include a $40,000 transportation plan for Ferron City.

Rob Sweeten, trail administrator with the Bureau of Land Management, requested permission to put the Old Spanish Trail Signs on county property. He reported the only cost to the county would be the installation of the signs.

Approval was then given to place the “D” Road School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration easement project on the AOG capital improvement list. Also approved was the amendment to the contract with the State of Utah Agriculture Plan, which will give the county an additional $40,000 in the Russian olive eradication program. Signing the amended Memorandum of Agreement with the Utah Prosecution Council to allow Emery County to be placed on the waiting list for the new Utah State prosecution system was also approved. A change order for the Trail Mountain-Rilda Canyon Emergency Watershed Program was approved to increase work days by 75 days.

Lawn care contracts are nearing the date of expiration, so the commission voted to cancel these contracts and assign seasonal county employees to do the lawn care for this year.

Each commissioner expressed their appreciation for everyone in the county, especially first responders and EMS personnel as they face these difficult times. They also commended elected officials who are still doing their part to care for the citizens of the county. Captain Ekker, the emergency director for the county, stated that they are working with the state and following their advice. He said supplies are arriving for first responders and citizens.

Commissioner Lynn Sitterud stated that they had hoped the desert would be open for the residents of Carbon and Emery Counties, but according to the SEUHD order it will not be this year. There is big influx of people from out of state and other areas of the state, which is disappointing. He closed the meeting stating it would be better next year when we get all this behind us.

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