Emery County Commissioners Discuss Funding Matters


By Julie Johansen

Following opening comments and approval of the consent agenda, a motion to enter a public hearing was the first item of business at the Emery County Commission meeting on Tuesday. The hearing was to receive public input on a request for funding for the San Rafael Research Center from the Community Impact Board.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, funding has been cut, prompting the need for new funding. This request will delete the name of the Seven County Coalition and insert Emery County. This will bring all grants and/or loans and their responsibility into Emery County. A portion of this funding could be in the form of a loan not to exceed the income of the Community Reinvestment Project Area.

The commissioners have worked to not use general funds to finance the research center. Receiving no comments, the public hearing was closed and a resolution was approved to make this happen. Ratification of business licenses in the name of Utah Lands Resources Inc. and Emery County Coal Resources were granted by the commission. This is the Lila Mine, which has been separated from its parent company. The land holding company is now called Emery County Coal Resources.

Also ratified was Resolution 3-17-20, which will extend a state of emergency for the pandemic until the end of 2020. This will open options to request resources from the state if needed.

As the contract between Sandra Huntington, the county’s fair director, and Emery County had expired last December, a new contract the mirrored the former one was ratified. A request for proposals for professional services for the renovation of two county libraries, Orangeville and Green River, was then approved.

Emery County has entered into a service agreement with the Utah Association of Counties for the disbursement and reporting of the CARES Act Funding coming to the county and the cities. Most of the cities have voted to send their money to the county and then submit an application from the county for the funds. This interlocal agreement between participating cities and Emery County was approved.

Approval was then given for the advertisement to sell the large scrap metal pile at the landfill.

During the elected official reports, discussion about the issue of access to public land at the north end of Long Street in Green River began. Commissioner Wilson explained that this has been ongoing for three years. There is a difference of opinion as to who has access to property at the end of the street. There has been a historical use to access other’s property and public property.

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