Emery County Commissioners Hear Department Requests


By Julie Johansen

Kaylee VanWagoner gave the Safety Minute presentation on pool safety as the Emery County Commission meeting began on Tuesday, May 21. Her caution was to make sure you know the rules and follow the rules when attending the Emery County Aquatic Center. Safety Visa gift cards were then awarded to Kirk Stevens, Kyler Farley, Suzanne Andersen and Natalie Humphrey. These awards were because of 256 days with no loss of time accidents among county employees.

Emergency Manager for Emery County, Jeremy Lake, addressed the commission regarding the planning templates for the 2024 State Homeland Security Program grant. He outlined the projects and set priorities for the $23,000 funding from the grant. He also spoke about the Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness grant, the Emergency Management Performance Grant and the Sheriff’s Office State Task Force Grant. These were all approved and his work was praised both by the commission and Emery County Sheriff Tyson Huntington.

Trudy Lund then approached the commission with discussion on property and zoning ordinances near Emery Town businesses.

Jeramy Jorgensen, County Fire Warden, spoke about predicted fires in the coming seasons. He felt that the fires would probably be increased the lower valleys and less in the higher altitudes. He also reported that the burn permits are now being handled electronically. He continued there are 45 red card fire fighters in the area and three more training for the cards. Duncan Fuchise then reported that the burn piles are being cleaned up and education is offered for home safety.

AnnDee Mead of the Emery County Travel Bureau then requested using their funding to replace the Huntington City entrance sign damaged by the weather. This will cost $3,600 and will update the “Life Energized” county brand. This was approved. The 2024 tax sale of one property for $26,500 on May 15 was also approved.

A contract between Emery County and Arrowhead Construction for remodeling the Clerk/Auditors and Treasurer’s office to increase security was approved with a two to one vote. A Request for Proposal (RFP) for HVAC work needed at the County Administration Building will be advertised.

Weed and Mosquito Department’s Cory Worwood also requested approval for the Skyline CWMA and the Russian Olive Grant agreements. This approval was granted.

Two months of funding for the Bridge Program, an opioid disorder treatment facility to be established in Emery County, was approved. Mary Huntington then explained the Public Safety employees retirement contributions and the Tier 2 Hybrid Contributory retirement system increases, which received approval by the commissioners. Suzanne Anderson received approval as well to apply for a Historical Records Board grant in the amount of $500, which will fund training for those in her department.

During elected officials reports, Sheriff Huntington spoke about the incident that happened at the Middle School track meet and his responsibility to abide by laws and not publish the perpetrators name or photo. He stated that it is illegal for him to do so. He has a responsibility to follow the laws and he tries to uphold them. The sheriff stated his appreciation of those who helped in this situation until the officers could get to the scene.

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