Emery County Commissioners Honor Employee of the Month


Emery County Commissioners announced that Maegan Wilberg had been selected as the October Employee of the Month on Tuesday.

Wilberg began working for Emery County in November of 2011. She was hired as a sales cleark at the Museum of the San Rafael and was promoted to Museum Director in 2014.

She has changed the museum hours to make the museum more accessible to visitors and established internet presence for the museum by posting displays and events on Facebook. The museum has hosted “A Night at the Museum”, “Folk Art Festival” and “Dinosaur Camp.”

Wilberg has written and been successful in obtaining grants for a new kid’s corner at the museum, the mammoth exhibit and also one to develop brochures outlining day trips to area attractions.

She works closely with county officials and the museum board.

The Museum of the San Rafael will be hosting an open house on Nov. 7 at 6:30 p.m. for the Old Spanish Trail Exhibit.

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