Emery County Commissioners Host Special Meeting


By Julie Johansen

At a special Emery County Commission meeting on Monday, Josie Stilson was approved and sworn in as the new Emery County Treasurer. The Emery County Republican Central Committee had previously chosen Stilson as their candidate for this position following the retirement of Steven Barton. State law requires that the ratification takes place within five days of the party selection. This meeting will ultimately replace the regularly scheduled commission meeting on Nov. 6.

Janalee Luke from the Emery County Sheriff’s Office then presented items to the commission for ratification. The first item was the signing of the Non-Exclusive Surface Use and Damage Agreement with PacifiCorp. This will extend a previous agreement from 2012 following the Seeley Fire for building of the debris basins and future construction in Huntington Canyon due to the runoff from the burn scars.

The second item presented by Luke was the signing of the revised Pre-Award for Federal Assistance from the Natural Resources Conservation Service to Emery County. Previously, the agreement was federal assistance for 75% while Emery County was accountable for 25%. The hardship of the Trail Mountain Fire on top of the Seeley Fire prompted a new application for 100% assistance from the federal government. This application was fully funded due to help from Senator Orrin Hatch and Congressmen John Curtis and Chris Stewart. The commissioners expressed their appreciation to the congressmen in this regard, stating that it saved Emery County $1.4 million.

The commissioners also approved the Emery County Sheriff’s Office application for the State of Utah Justice Assistance Grant. This grant will allow the county to continue the Jail Risk and Needs Screening Diagnosis and Assessment Program. The previous funds for this program are no longer available, so the approval will continue the help of providers Lowell Morris and Dalen Johnson to give inmates mental health and substance abuse evaluation and assistance. This take place during the time they are incarcerated and helps with reintroduction to the outside world.

The commission also approved a contract with Kevin’s Abbey Carpets to remove and replace carpet in the Cleveland Library. Also at the meeting, an increase of a $4,000 split between the two areas was approved for the Emery County Aging Department.

A resolution requesting the re-certification of the Emery County Justice Court was also approved. This resolution is required by state statue. Finally, the justice court was reviewed and was found to be in compliance and following the guidelines.

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