Emery County Commissioners Meet for Regular Board Meeting


Emery County Commissioners met on Tuesday for their regular board meeting. The first item on the agenda was a bid opening for spring yard cleanup and fall leaf removal for Emery County libraries and road department. They received four bids. Ward Landscaping bid $817 per week, Kevin Gilbert bid $235 per week, Randall Stilson bid $243 per week and Tennant Lawn Care Services bid $222 per week.

Tentatively, the bid will be awarded to Tennant Lawn Care Services. Commissioners will review the bids and if everything is in order and comparable to the other bids, the bid will be officially awarded to Tennant Lawn Care Services.

The second item on the agenda was opening request for proposals for fire extinguishers annual inspection and certification. Three proposals were received from Tri-County Fire, Clarkes Home Fire Safety and Forsythe Fire LLC. Commission Chair Ethan Migliori and Emery County Attorney Mike Olsen will review the bids before making a decision.

Paul Weddle, Irregular Warfare and Unconventional Warfare Training Coordinator, approached commissioners to request a letter of support from Emery County for a scheduled training exercise that will take place sometime during the summer months.

The next regular board meeting of the Emery County Commissioners is scheduled for April 21 at 3 p.m. in the Emery County Courthouse in Castle Dale.

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