Emery County Commissioners Pay Tribute to Veterans


By Julie Johansen

Emery County’s annual Veterans Day program was cancelled due to the COVID-19 precautions, prompting Commissioner Kent Wilson to invite the American Legion Post Commanders to their commission meeting on Tuesday to share a virtual tribute. Commanders Snow, Huntington and Quinn were in attendance.

The tribute video was organized by Amanda Leonard. The video featured motivational speaker and two-time veteran Ryan Stream, who expressed his love for the country and the flag. There was also 2,172 Emery County students who stood for the flag, singing “God Bless the USA.” Kaylee Van Wagoner closed the tribute by singing the National Anthem.

After the virtual presentation, the commanders were presented a copy of the tribute. Each commander thanked the commissioners for the honor.

Next, David Ames, Emery County Landfill Crew Lead, gave the monthly safety minute presentation. The presentation included safety precautions for landfill workers. Safety Visa gift card winners for November included Dennis Fuller, Meagan Crosland, Eric Nielsen and Colby Hunt. These employees were recognized for their safety in the workplace.

The commission then ratified the application for Justice Assistance Grant 18A50 for the Emery County Jail Risk and Needs Screening Diagnosis and Assessment Program. Ratification was also given for agreements between Emery County and Lowell Morris, PA-C; Dalen Johnson, NP; and Summit County psychiatrist Dr. Montgomery in the Jail Risk program.

Approval was next given to the amendments to the Emery County Community Impact Board project list, which will include the $7.5 million for the San Rafael Research Center and a new Association of Governments building. Approval was also granted to the agreement between Emery County and Wayne Pahl for the Emery County tourism booth at the Quartzsite, Ariz. RV Show in January. The approval came with the stipulations that COVID-19 precautions be analyzed and leftover materials returned.

It was them explained that CARES Act funds will be used to pay hazard wages to first responders. Sheriff’s office deputies cannot receive pay if they are quarantined because of the virus as others can. The commission will pay each full-time deputy $2,000. EMTs will receive hazard wages on a scale depending on their hours; up to 1,000 hours will receive $100, 1,000-2,000 hours will be paid $250 and over 2,000 hours will receive $500.

The Board of Commissioners next approved the recommendation from the CED Board regarding the request for proposals (RFP) for the San Rafael Research Center consultant. Commissioner Lynn Sitterud reported that the research center was initially focused on molten salt research and has evolved to an energy-wide research center. A L1500 Coal Combustion Furnace to research coal combustion and analyze its bi-products aims to find ways to burn coal cleaner and keep the power plants running longer. In response to the RFP, Dr. Andrew Fry from Brigham Young University met the qualifications. Even though he will remain at the university, he will be able to consult at the research center.

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