Emery County Commissioners Receive Award From Trust Accountability Program


By Julie Johansen

Doug Foulson, Trust Accountability Program representative, presented an award to the Emery County Commissioners at their meeting on Tuesday afternoon. He spoke on how TAP appreciates the commissioners as well as their involvement and participation in the program. The award was to recognize best practices in proactive ways to promote safety in the workplace of the county.

Also during the meeting, commissioners approved the renewal of the insurance plan for the county with Jeff Kelsey for the fiscal year of July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020. Kelsey reported that the claims for the county were down and employees of the county are helping to keep costs low.

Emery County Sheriff Greg Funk requested a conditional sign-on bonus agreement with deputies who will hire on to live and work in Green River. The agreement requires that the deputy must live and work in Green River for a period of three years or the sign-on bonus must be refunded. The bonus is $5,000 from the county and the same from Green River City. This request was approved. Two deputies have been hired under this contract and two more are conditional.

Two additional acts were approved by the commission for the Emery County Fair coming in August, including a juggling act, Jeff Civilico, and Plan-it-Rentals with laser tag.

Market match funding requests from the Emery County Travel Bureau were also approved, including the following: $3,500 to The Swell Country Fest, $3,500 to the Emery Aquatic Center, $3,500 for the Emery County Search and Rescue Triathlon, $3,500 to the Cowboy’s Memorial Rodeo, $1,000 for the Castle Dale City Special Little Luau, $3,500 to Joe’s Valley Fest and $1,000 for the Rascal Martinez Concert. These funds come from Transient Road Taxes (TRT), which requires that at least 47 percent must be used for marketing. The funds are also matching.

Commission Gil Conover next reported that the Children’s Justice Center is need of support. The center is a great asset to the county, he explained.

Commissioner Kent Wilson reported on attending a conference in Denver, which was about strengthening economics in the West. Much of the discussion was about the transition from coal mines and power plants to other types of economic drivers. He said the local outlook is bright while others are looking at only a few years to make the change.

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