Emery County Commissioners Take Action on Judgement Levy


By Julie Johansen

The Emery County Commissioners met on Tuesday morning for a special meeting to consider moving forward with the judgement levy issued by the Utah State Tax Commission. This levy is for the year 2015 and is the product of protests from centrally assessed entities.

These entities paid their assessed taxes but then protested the amount with the Utah State Tax Commission. These protests were litigated and though they did not receive the exact amount they were requesting for reimbursement, the entities were granted $103,000. These funds must be repaid by Emery County.

By law. the commissioners have two choices: pass a percentage of this refund on to the taxpayers of the county or pay out of their budget funds. There are required guidelines that must be followed in either case.

The commission voted to move forward with the payment of the levy. They are required to have two public hearings, one in December and the next in August 2021. They are also required to make full disclosure and explain the costs to the taxpayers. These taxes will have to be paid in 2021.


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